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Drones rarely control high-precision mapping

Drones rarely control high-precision mapping

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Program overview

In order to realize the rare control and high-precision surveying and mapping of drones, reduce the use of image control points while improving the accuracy of drone surveying and mapping, and reduce the production cost of domestic and foreign industries, Aerospace Vision has launched a complete set of hardware to software with its profound research and development advantages The rare control high-precision surveying and mapping service solution starts with camera parameters, imaging quality, flight quality, image control point quality, and connection point quality to improve surveying accuracy and quickly obtain surveying and mapping results that meet the accuracy requirements.


Program composition
Data acquisition: aerial survey hardware

  • VT20 UAV (four-rotor vertical take-off and landing, single forward-pull propeller for cruise)
  • Airborne high precision GPS receiver
  • The camera is equipped with a gimbal



Camera calibration: EasyCalibrate
Fully automated camera parameter calculation is achieved by using the LCD plane control field to calibrate the camera. It is specifically used to calibrate the internal orientation elements of the medium and small-format cameras, which is very suitable for the aerial survey of small digital images of drones.

Shooting images                                                                                 Output general-purpose camera inspection report


Aerial quality inspection: OKMatrix one-click quick puzzle system
Simply provide the original UAV digital image or traditional aerial photography image to automatically and quickly generate the DOM orthophoto map and DSM digital surface model results of the project area with one click, and output the aerial photography quality report for aerial photography quality inspection, and according to the inspection Achievements made supplementary testing of aerial photography loopholes.

One-click quick puzzle generation of DOM and DSM results of the survey area

 Export flight quality report                                                                         Output image overlap report


Rare control of aerial triangulation encryption: HAT drones rarely control aerial triangulation platform
The connection strength of the regional network is ensured by the flight structure route. At the same time, the coordinates of the camera station are directly obtained based on the GNSS dual-frequency receiver of the aerial photography platform. The GPS joint adjustment method is used to complete the aerial triangle of a large area with only a few control points. Measurement encryption tasks, quickly obtain large-area aerial triangulation encryption results that meet accuracy requirements.


  • Structure routes, sparse control

The deployment method of rare image control is adopted, and the points are arranged at the four corners and corners of the structural route. At least 4 control points are required to complete the subsequent air triangulation encryption task of the survey area.


  • Intelligent transfer points, dense matching

It supports one-key intelligent turning points, and adopts a balanced dense matching strategy to ensure that the points are evenly distributed on the entire measurement area and each image. It is known that when there are 2000 images, one million points can be matched, the success rate of turning points is high, and the quality of turning points is good.


  • Humanized interactive editing



  • PPP precise single point positioning
  1. It supports multiple measurement modes such as multi-mode high dynamic positioning, multi-method camera interpolation, and multi-mode projection conversion.
  2. The ground base station is not required, and the ex post-precision ephemeris calculation is performed through dual-frequency GPS, which can achieve centimeter-level accuracy.
  3. By using the acquired precise camera coordinates and the GPS joint adjustment of PATB software, good adjustment results can be obtained with a small number of control points.



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