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Service overview
Based on the self-developed Virtuoso3D fully automatic tilt photogrammetry 3D modeling cluster processing system, MapMatrix3D image array 3D intelligent mapping system, 3DMatrix 3D real-world geographic information publishing system and other series of products, Visiontek provides tilt photography from drones, A series of value-added services including 3D real city modeling and data processing, 3D real city data management and release to customized application development.


Service Content
Regional three-dimensional space-time big data center construction

Establish a spatiotemporal big data center and information service platform based on accurate three-dimensional geographic information throughout the region, establish a comprehensive business application system based on a unified spatiotemporal benchmark, realize data sharing and service guarantee mechanisms, and better solve the spatiotemporal existence of regional administrative agencies Insufficient data acquisition capabilities, heterogeneous data from multiple sources, and closed and independent systems.

The results of the regional three-dimensional spatio-temporal big data center construction project not only build the most refined spatio-temporal big data benchmark in the region, but also meet the needs of most departments and business systems for more than 90% of geospatial information, and can also reduce the use of basic graphics and The investment in the construction of the spatial information system will reduce the repeated construction of spatial geographic surveying and mapping, which will help to improve the informatization level of the region. As a whole, the project construction can greatly save the comprehensive investment of the finance at the same level, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of fund use.

The main construction contents include:

1. Complete oblique photography flight and 3D real scene modeling with high image resolution across the entire territory;

2. Complete the production of three-dimensional models, digital orthophotos, digital surface models, and geographic base maps of basic elements according to the multi-scale accuracy requirements of the entire region;

3. Establish a global spatio-temporal big data center based on accurate three-dimensional geographic information, complete the standardized sorting of business data of business departments, standardized building of business data and spatial association with spatiotemporal data, and establish a business application demonstration system for business departments;

4. Establish guarantee mechanisms and technical standards for data sharing, data updating, information services, and localized services.


Comprehensive emergency management of 3D real city
Establish a high-precision and refined 3D model of the real scene covering the whole area, and establish a real 3D geographic information system and service platform with a unified time and space reference.

Using the real-view 3D geographic information service platform, carrying and fusing police data, industry data and auxiliary real-time sensor collection data, to promote the online deployment of public security applications, it has become an important starting point and booster for the upgrade of the police system and the improvement of police quality.



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