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Education industry solutions

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Program overview
As one of the member units of the National Professional Committee for Surveying and Mapping Education, Visiontek has successfully launched an overall solution for professional education in photogrammetry and remote sensing based on more than ten years of professional accumulation and industry resources in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Based on the Visiontek EDU teaching system independently developed by Visiontek, this program provides services such as admissions guidance, laboratory construction, teacher training, teaching management, and employment guidance for major universities, and is committed to achieving professional construction and professional upgrades for the majority of education users. A new model of school-enterprise cooperation is developed with a "professional" tutoring major to assist the professional construction and development of education users in all aspects. Leading a new teaching model of "dual combination" of new majors and new skills, and boosting the innovative development of China's vocational education informatization

In the future, Visiontek will also continue to pay attention to and support education, provide more professional and three-dimensional services to the majority of education users, and contribute to the improvement of the professionalization of China's aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing education!


Teaching of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

This This program relies on the Visiontek EDU teaching system independently developed by Visiontek to help universities in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing teaching and professional software learning.

Visiontek EDU teaching system not only integrates a wealth of photogrammetry and remote sensing related software, but also equips each software with an auxiliary teaching system consisting of teaching point analysis, interactive tutorials, case videos and software assessments, which can achieve interactive Teaching training helps teachers to carry out teaching work efficiently, and it is also very helpful for novices to get started quickly.

A comprehensive auxiliary teaching system is composed of four parts: teaching point analysis, interactive tutorial, case video display, and software assessment
Integrate rich photogrammetry and remote sensing related software


Professional upgrade & school-enterprise cooperation

Admissions counseling
The tutoring school conducts professional publicity, professional background introduction, industry prospect description, career description and other professional publicity and enrollment activity planning, so that students have a deeper understanding of the major and assist the school's enrollment work.



Teacher training
Training and assessing professional teachers, so that teachers can understand the latest domestic and foreign industry information and background, master the use of teaching software, and have excellent professional teaching level and professional comprehensive quality.


Teaching Management
School-enterprise cooperation builds majors, helps schools to upgrade majors, provides schools with a professional teaching system (including professional curriculum system construction, quality curriculum system construction, joint development of teaching materials and teaching plans, management system construction, assessment system construction, etc.), and is responsible for its maintenance and Update.


Career Guidance
Share the information resource database of tens of thousands of employment units across the country, build a platform to solve the problems of “employment shortage” of enterprises and “difficult employment” of students, realize the exchange of information between schools and employers, provide graduate students with comprehensive employment guidance and establish students Files to track students' internship and training situation.



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