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UAV power line inspection

UAV power line inspection

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Service overview
Visiontek relies on the self-developed PowerMatrix UAV power line patrol system to provide industry users with quantitative value-added services for high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage line UAV inspection.

The PowerMatrix UAV power line patrol system is an optical power patrol system based on high-precision photogrammetry technology. It consists of two major business modules: channel patrol and equipment patrol.In terms of channel inspection, the system uses fixed-wing or rotary-wing UAVs as the flying platform, equipped with high-precision positioning devices and imaging systems, combined with ground data processing workstations, and adopts a cluster operation method to fully realize the three-dimensional reconstruction of the power line channel ground surface, semi-automatic mode Realize wire extraction and sag measurement, and then automatically identify and locate high-pole plants and illegal buildings in high-voltage transmission line channels.In terms of equipment inspection, the system automatically retrieves the corresponding photos of the pole and tower through the comprehensive management of the inspection data, so as to realize the identification, storage and classification of the hidden dangers and defects of the pole and tower equipment.


Software and hardware equipment composition
Data acquisition (drone + camera + flight control system)


Data processing (PowerMatrix UAV power line inspection system + high-performance processing cluster)

Work flow


The main function
High-precision 3D reconstruction of power channels and ground
There is no need for field ground control points. The GPS adjustment and image matching technology are used to calculate the aerial position and attitude of the image to achieve high-precision three-dimensional reconstruction of the power line channel surface. The independent core technology is used to solve the problem of tree crown matching, and the obtained surface three-dimensional point cloud effect can be Comparable to lidar equipment.


Semi-automatic power line extraction and sag measurement
Using its own patented technology to achieve semi-automatic power line extraction and automatic power line sag measurement, high-precision wire detection and positioning algorithms, so that the accuracy of automatic measurement results can reach or exceed the manual level.


Dangerous target detection
By calculating the spatial distance between the three-dimensional point cloud on the surface and the power line, obstacles in the power line channel are automatically identified.


Hidden danger identification of tower equipment
Comprehensively manage the inspection data of power lines, poles and towers, locate and automatically retrieve the corresponding photos of the poles and towers according to the positions of the lines and poles, realize the identification, storage, classification statistics and retrieval of the hidden dangers and defects of the poles and towers, effectively changing the current labor in the power industry The cumbersome situation of equipment inspection and equipment data management.


Achievement report output

It not only supports the output of obstacle distribution reports in power line channels, wire sag reports, and tower equipment hidden danger reports, but also can obtain intermediate results such as the terrain and landform 3D real scene images of power line channels, which can be applied to line 3D visualization management, big data mining and Research and other aspects.

At the same time, the system also has the ability of three-dimensional visualization of results reports, which can assist inspectors to judge dangerous targets indoors.

Power channel DOM and DEM results Power channel DOM and DEM results
 杆塔及电力线信息图表Tower and power line infographic
 Statistics of hidden dangers such as power channel tree barrier

Power equipment hidden danger report



Cluster job support
The system has powerful clustering and fast processing capabilities, using the multi-core, multi-threaded, high-performance CPU processor and large-capacity storage of the cluster array to greatly improve the speed of air triple solution, DSM\DOM generation, point cloud matching speed, and support for multiple people to complete in parallel The work of power line measurement avoids data transmission and improves the efficiency of power line extraction and report generation.


service advantage
Autonomous controllable technology
The whole process applies its own core technology, and the service is independent and controllable. Experts appraised that the software system has reached the international leading level in the application of tree barrier inspection for transmission lines.


Own invention patent
Its own core invention patent solves the problem of power sag measurement. Based on image characteristics, it can perform semi-automatic/automatic power line sag measurement, filling the gap of domestic and foreign stereo image inspection.


Aerial photography standardization
Equipped with UAV line patrol flight control platform to assist aerial photography operations, using autonomous flight planning algorithm to achieve autonomous flight of UAVs and obtain standardized image data.


Job automation
The system has a high degree of automation. It can automatically complete route planning, three-dimensional reconstruction of the power line channel surface, semi-automatic power line extraction, and power line sag measurement, with little manual intervention.


Quantification of results
Compared with other UAV inspection systems, this system upgrades the manual interpretation qualitative inspection to a highly automated quantitative inspection, and its accuracy meets industry standards.


Application popularization
Using fixed-wing drones or rotary-wing drones, equipped with digital cameras for aerial photography operations, no special take-off site is required, 2-3 people can carry out the work, equipment and labor costs are low, and it has the ability to be equipped with inspection teams.


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