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Sales Hotline

Sales Director of Products Business Liu Hui +86-18600269008
Sales Director of Smart City Business  Zhou Chengcheng +86-13910221480
Sales Director of National Defense Business Zhou Qi +86-18301519908
Sales Director of National Land Business Wang Jianfeng +86-13166660025



Wuhan Visiontek Technology Co., Ltd.

Office Address: 4&5 Floor, Block A, Baijie Building, Baijie Technology Park, Canglong Island, Guanggu Avenue, Wuhan

Zip code: 430205


Wuhan Visiontek Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Office address: Room 802, Block A, Huixin Building, No. 8 Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Contact number: 010-64455308

Post Code: 100029


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