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UAV emergency mapping

UAV emergency mapping

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Program overview
Visiontek follows the four principles of "fast arrival, fast acquisition, fast processing, and fast release", starting from the two aspects of UAV emergency surveying and mapping and satellite remote sensing emergency surveying and mapping, creating real-time processing solutions, 1-hour processing solutions, and 24-hour processing for users The four processing solutions including the plan and the rapid update of satellite imagery emergency plan can flexibly respond to the emergency needs of projects in a variety of environments. At the same time, it is equipped with the corresponding geographic information results release application platform to label, measure, apply, analyze, and release the emergency surveying and mapping results.


UAV emergency mapping
Real-time processing solution
The solution uses real-time image transmission to transmit the video taken by the drone with the camera back to the ground base station in real time, and uses the Visiontek Masa video image splicing system for real-time 3D scene point cloud splicing, and fast splicing and output of the panoramic image of the survey area.


1 hour treatment plan
The program can complete emergency data processing within one hour after the plane landed. Use the Visiontek OKMatrix one-key quick spelling system to quickly and automatically complete the production of DOM orthophotos and DSM digital surface models with a relative accuracy of less than 1 meter in the entire region, and display the two superimposed, and at the same time, based on the obtained DOM and DSM results Earthwork, such as mudslides, etc., are estimated to provide preliminary high-resolution and measurable map data of the entire survey area for emergency relief.


24-hour treatment plan
The solution uses the Visiontek PhotoMatrix-Aerial aerial image cluster processing system for data processing, with high-performance cluster hardware support, within 24 hours after the aerial data is exported, based on the differential GPS data on the drone and at least 5 ground image control points. The high-precision DOM orthophoto map and DSM digital elevation model of the whole area with an absolute accuracy of 0.4 meters, and the DEM digital elevation model of the project area is output through terrain filtering, which is used for more detailed disaster site command, and fine analysis and analysis in the disaster relief process. Simulation of possible secondary disasters.


Satellite remote sensing emergency mapping
The solution uses the rapid deployment of satellites to obtain satellite images of the disaster area with a resolution of 2 meters. The basic surveying and mapping data or public geographic information data of the survey area is used as the reference information. The Visiontek PhotoMatrix-SAT remote sensing image cluster processing system is used to compare the existing satellites. The image data is automatically matched with the satellite image to be processed, the matched points with the same name are used as control points for the overall area network adjustment, and the existing large number of control point constraints are used to automatically and quickly produce 2m high-resolution orthoimages Figure. Provide global high-precision orthophoto data for disaster emergency and provide a basis for scientific decision-making.


Disaster analysis
All solutions are equipped with a mobile Internet-based three-dimensional spatial geographic information publishing application platform, which supports the Internet publishing of massive spatial geographic information such as DOM, DEM, DSM, as well as spherical rendering and immersive browsing in virtual reality mode, as well as convenient annotation measurement And rich application analysis functions can support the realization of accurate disaster analysis simulation based on digital results.

Virtual reality browsing
 Section analysis
Flooding simulation


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