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Comprehensive land remediation

Comprehensive land remediation

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Visiontek relies on its own geographic information high-tech and cooperates with corresponding capital companies to form a consortium. It follows the national landscape, forest, field, lake and grass system management concept, based on scientific planning, with towns and towns as the basic implementation unit, and optimizes the land space pattern and ecological protection Restoration is the core, based on the land use conditions and characteristic agricultural advantages of the project area, the whole area planning, overall design, and comprehensive management of the village are carried out.

For a long time, Visiontek has promoted the development of rural industries with land consolidation, and promoted the revitalization of rural areas with industrial development. It is committed to solving problems such as the fragmentation of arable land in rural areas, the disordered spatial layout, the inefficient use of resources, and the degradation of ecological quality. Agriculture, culture, tourism and other resources, promote the management of landscapes, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, gradually build a reasonable land space pattern in the project area, and strive to create intensive and efficient production spaces, livable and moderate living spaces, and beautiful landscapes and ecological spaces, and comprehensively improve nature The functions of "resources, assets, ecology, and culture" promote rural revitalization.


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