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National defense information service

National defense information service

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Service overview
 Visiontek uses self-developed photogrammetry, remote sensing and tilt 3D products to realize the efficient processing of massive satellite remote sensing images, aerial images, UAV images, and the mass production and production of geographic information products such as DOM, DLG, DEM, DSM, and 3DM At the same time, based on its own three-dimensional geographic information service platform, it realizes the Internet publishing of massive multi-source geographic information data, virtual reality browsing, measurement analysis, industry applications, and cross-platform operation, providing a complete set of data production management for the construction of national defense information And application service programs.


Service Content
Traditional aerial image processing
Through a series of software products such as image scarcity control aerial three, digital photogrammetry, orthophoto editing and geographic information data management independently developed by Visiontek, the efficient processing and processing of traditional aerial photographs such as vertical aerial images and drone images are realized. Corresponding mass production of basic geographic information products such as DOM, DLG, DEM, DSM, etc.


Remote sensing image processing
Visiontek independently developed a complete set of high-performance remote sensing image cluster processing system, combined with a high-performance computer cluster architecture that integrates high-speed parallel computing and large-capacity storage, to efficiently realize multi-source satellite imagery and up to 100,000 massive aerial image data Deal with the production of geographic information products.

For multi-source satellite imagery, the system applies industry-leading satellite image positioning and correction technology based on Internet geographic information, efficient and accurate satellite image equalization and dense matching algorithm and intelligent color uniformity technology to perform fast, high-precision, no control points or rare control One-click satellite remote sensing image processing and efficient production of DOM and DSM; for massive aerial images, the system uses high-performance aerial image aerial three processing, pixel-by-pixel dense matching, terrain automatic filtering, mass image rapid orthorectification and other technologies to achieve scale Batch production and output of geographic information products such as DOM, DSM, DEM, etc. of chemical aerial imagery.


Tilt image processing
Visiontek independently developed a full-process solution for the acquisition and processing of tilted images consisting of a drone flight platform, a five-lens stabilization tilt camera, tilt image 3D modeling software, model editing and mapping software, supported by cluster hardware , It can efficiently complete a series of operations such as precise aerial three processing of massive oblique images, automatic fine 3D model construction and full model editing. At the same time, large-scale DLG collection and fast output of TDOM and DSM results are carried out based on the edited fine 3DM 3D model results. Compared with traditional production methods of basic geographic information products, it effectively reduces a lot of manual intervention.


Geographic Information Achievement Release Display and Application
Following industry application requirements, Visiontek has developed a massive 3D spatial geographic information publishing application platform based on mobile internet and with both B/S and C/S architecture. This platform can handle massive tilted 3D scene data and multi-source basic geographic information data. Perform network publishing, support desktop and mobile cross-platform operation, not only has extremely convenient secondary development capabilities and rich model measurement, analysis, single management and other functions, but also can be used with various Web business systems Hook up, the application range is extremely wide.


National defense information system construction

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