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Investigation and development of land reserve resources

Investigation and development of land reserve resources

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Service overvie

Visiontek adopts a new business model of "technology + capital", undertakes the entire process of development from resource inventory, site selection surveying and mapping, planning and design, budgeting, engineering construction, acceptance and reporting to index transactions, and provides government land reserve resources for investigation and development Perfect solutions help rural revitalization and local development.

This service model is driven by the national policy of “equilibrium of arable land” and “linkage of increase and decrease” of construction land, and is widely used in the survey and development of reserve resources of urban and rural land in the whole region, and is committed to properly solving the protection through precise resource search and full development services. Contradictions with guaranteed land use, make overall plans for the protection of cultivated land, promote coordinated regional development, give full play to the complementary advantages of capital sources in economically developed areas and resource-rich areas, and help promote poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.


Whole process service plan



core advantages


Many: the most
Using the latest high-resolution drone aerial photography and precise three-dimensional mapping operation mode, to minimize the impact of trees and buildings on the ground surface, accurately draw plot boundaries, and find more cultivated land and land more accurately than traditional methods Backup resources.

Fast: the fastest
The longest three-month project cycle can complete the survey of the current situation of cultivated land and land reserve resources across the region, providing reliable calculation and decision-making basis for follow-up work.

Good: best effect
Provide full-process services for land reserve resources from investigation, planning, project establishment, construction to acceptance and transaction. The whole-process services are closely connected, the process management is meticulous and rigorous, and the application effect is good and stable.

Province: worry-free save money
Provide a variety of project cooperation models, while reducing the risk of project implementation coordination and management, while fully saving financial investment.


Service Case

Results of the overall map collection of the land reserve resource survey                                               Local map collection results of land reserve resource survey



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