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Technical services

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 service requirements

Wuhan Visiontek Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development of professional photogrammetry software, providing digital solutions for spatial information, comprehensive solutions for digital cities, and the production of 4D products. Based on the new development idea of focusing on products and services, the company provides users with various software, hardware and services from field collection to internal processing.


With the rapid development of software and hardware for aerial surveys in the market, as the accuracy of photogrammetry has improved and costs have decreased, more and more units have begun to get involved in the field of aerial photogrammetry. However, there are many sources of aerial survey data, and the situation in the survey area is different. Users often encounter various problems when handling the aerial survey internal and external businesses.


In order to allow the majority of users, especially users who are new to aerial surveys, to quickly grasp the aerial survey processing process solutions, Wuhan Visiontek provides users with a full range of technical support services.


The company has a professional technical support team, which not only provides on-site demonstrations by technicians and handles software-related issues, but also provides special photogrammetry training courses, as well as camera calibration, aerial photography and other related services.


 Service Content



Wuhan Visiontek technical support services mainly include the following items:

  • Technical services: software pre-sales demonstration and after-sales training.
  • Training services: photogrammetry training courses are offered every year.
  • Camera calibration service: drone camera calibration service.
  • Aerial photography services: professional flight crew field aerial photography services and image control point collection services.
  • Online customer service: full-time online answers and 5×8 telephone (027-86638726) remote support services during working days.



Technical Services

Technical services are mainly for the preview of the software effect before the user software purchases the software and the technical training after the purchase. The company will send a special person for training for each user unit, supporting both on-site and remote modes. Users can also arrange for project personnel to come to the headquarters of Aerospace Vision for training.


Pre-sales demonstration

Users can contact the relevant sales if they are willing to purchase the company’s software, and the company will arrange for technical support personnel to demonstrate remotely or on site.

If there are special needs, technical support staff can also process limited user project data for display. The demo content includes all the software of the above companies (OKMatrix, DAT/HAT, MapMatrix, EPT, etc.)


After-sales training

When the user purchases the company's software, the company will arrange the corresponding technical support staff to conduct software remote or on-site after-sales training. For the purchase of two or more sets of software or the purchase amount of more than RMB 100,000 (inclusive), the company will provide free technical support personnel to the user unit for on-site training, and one set or a total of less than RMB 100,000 will not provide free on-site training. You can choose to send someone to the Aerospace Vision headquarters to participate in free training or paid training.


 Some software after-sales training content is as follows:

  • MapMatrix after-sales training content:
  1. Software installation
  2. Single model orientation process and principle
  3.  Data recovery of various air three results
  4. DLG generation
  5. DEM generation
  6.  DOM generation



  • DAT/HAT after-sales training content:
  1. Software installation
  2.  The role and principle of air triangulation encryption
  3.  Image control point part
  4.  Camera file section
  5.  Image part
  6.  Measurement area division
  7. Construction project
  8.  Parameter input and orientation
  9. Matching connection points
  10.  Turn like control points
  11. Adjustment solution
  12. Results output



  • EPT after-sales training content
  1. Software installation
  2. Even light and color
  3.  Mosaic editing
  4. Side-by-side processing
  5. Use of additional toolset


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