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Founded in December 2004, VISIONTEK Inc. is a leading provider of integrated spatial geographic information solutions in China and a flagship enterprise in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing in China and even internationally. Headquartered in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, China, VISIONTEK Inc.  has wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries located in Beijing、Wuhan、Shenzhen、Nanjing and Jiangsu cities in mainland, and has established agencies in more than 10 countries and regions around the world.


VISIONTEK Inc. has been focusing on independent innovation and research of core technologies, and has always focused on providing users with complete solutions for spatial geographic information acquisition, processing, management, application and service. The main products include: Digital photogrammetric system MapMatrix product series, remote sensing image processing system PhotoMatrix product series, tilt photography modeling system Virtuoso3D product series, 3D real - scene geographic information platform 3DMatrix product series, etc. By focusing on customers’ needs, we provide users with customized application solutions and value-added Geo spatial data services. The main value-added services include: Construction for Geo spatial data center of Smart City,and application platform, national defense information development and equipment construction, State Grid UAV power line survey, detailed investigation and comprehensive improvement of land reserve resources, UAV tilt photography and 3D real - scene city modeling, new surveying and mapping and basic surveying, UAV sparsely controlled high-precision surveying and mapping, etc.


VISIONTEK Inc. has three business segments: independent controllable software products, industry customized applications and value-added services of Geo spatial data. The company's products have been widely used in basic surveying and mapping, national defense remote sensing, natural resources, land survey, urban survey, electricity, water conservancy, transportation, railway, geology and mining, metallurgy, agriculture and other industries of tens of thousands of users,among which the market share of the photogrammetry software product MapMatrix has occupied more than 80% in the domestic market, and in the global map production of the installed volume also ranked leading. The company provides customized application and Geo spatial data value-added services for the industry, mainly through the establishment of an industrial partners’ ecosystem and the establishment of partnerships with the national team and scientific research institutes in the military industry, providing customized solutions for national defense pre-researching, development and equipment, and for the construction of Geo spatial data centers and application platforms in smart cities, public security, emergency response, planning, land, power grid and other industrial applications. It provides value-added data services for many fields and regions, such as fine survey of natural resources, comprehensive consolidation of national territory, and new surveying and mapping.


As a high-tech innovative enterprise with high growth, VISIONTEK Inc. has a passionate and innovative operational management and R&D team dedicated to the Geo spatial information field for many years. The company has a number of professional certifications, such as the high-tech enterprise certification, double software enterprise certification, photogrammetry Class A qualification, Internet geographic information Service Class A qualification, etc. ; and have nearly 100 software products’ copyrights through independent researches and developments technologies, and numerous related core technology invention patents. 






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