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Aerial survey in-house training

Course summary
Learn the basic theoretical knowledge related to photogrammetry and the related skills of image orientation, DEM/DOM editing and production, aerial surveying traditional stereo and oblique 3D mapping. The training includes theoretical knowledge learning and practical operation on the computer, fully simulating the actual project production process, and the training process In the appropriate dynamic increase of new technologies and new application knowledge points in line with market and business needs for learning.


Training content (theoretical learning + computer training)

  • Basic principles of aerial survey
  • Image relative orientation, absolute orientation
  • Production and editing of DEM and DOM products based on aerial photography
  • Study on the Basic Topographic Map of the Country
  • The main points of the theory of ground feature drawing and landform collection
  • Traditional stereo mapping operation based on stereo pair
  • 3D surveying operation based on OSGB inclined 3D model
  • 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 and other scale DLG collection (excluding CAD editing, database building)



Since this training requires a low starting point for the trainees and is limited by the training time, it does not include the air triangulation encryption training, and the air triangulation encryption training class will be organized separately.


 Training time and place arrangement


  • Training is arranged once a year, and the training time is flexible, and the longest training time does not exceed 3 months.
  • Classes are held all day from Monday to Friday, and make-up classes are arranged according to the training progress on weekends.
  • The training location is in Wuhan, Hubei Province.



If there are students with strong learning ability who have advanced learning progress, they can individually organize early assessments and complete courses upon individual application (confirmed by the unit) and approved by the instructor. Those with excellent grades can obtain a Visiontek certification.


Training income


  • The trainees can independently complete the three-scale DLG collection of 1:500, 1:1000, and 1:2000 based on stereo mapping and tilt mapping.
  • After completing all the courses, you will get a certificate of completion of the Aerospace Vision Aerial Survey Internal Industry Training Course issued by Wuhan Aerospace Vision Technology Co., Ltd., among which those with outstanding grades can obtain the Aerospace Vision Certification Certificate.


This training is mainly for students with a weak foundation or even a zero foundation or non-surveying and mapping industry. Normal vision (including vision corrected by wearing glasses) is required.


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Training information acquisition
Welcome everyone to follow the Visiontek official WeChat account to receive product information and the latest training news, or to join the Aerospace Vision training group (group number: 667303703). Training-related documents and registration notices will also be released in the group.


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