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SmartMatrix 3D intelligent mapping system


System Overview
SmartMatrix is a 3D intelligent mapping software product created by VISIONTEK INC. for realizing the identification, extraction and classification of geographical elements based on tilt 3D.

The system integrates the latest research achievements in the field of photogrammetry and computer vision, relies on the object intelligent recognition and classification technology based on deep learning, and imports the results of oblique photographic three-dimensional model (OSGB format) to quickly obtain the geometric structure information of geographical elements. In addition, rich geographical elements such as houses, independent plots, vegetation, roads, water bodies and terrain in the model are automatically extracted, and vector contours that fit the 3D model of element objects are quickly generated, so as to build the object body elements, and commit to realizing "on-demand mapping" and "dynamic updating" based on tilting 3D.


Composition of system


Main Functions
Sample training
The object oriented image segmentation technology was used to establish the AI sample database of target ground objects semi-automatically. Then, based on the sample data input system, the deep learning network model was selected, trained, strengthened and optimized accordingly, and the solidified model parameter information was saved as the basis for subsequent intelligent element extraction.


Intelligent factor extraction 
By using the built-in deep learning network model and model curing parameters, intelligent element extraction was carried out for the interest points to be extracted in the inclined three-dimensional model, and rich target geographical elements such as houses, independent plots, vegetation, roads, water bodies and terrain were obtained.

Intelligent extraction of house vector elements


To extract solid contour
After the intelligent extraction of the geographic elements of the model, the vector contour that fits the 3D model of the element object is automatically generated, and the contour is automatically spliced and optimized after processing, so as to complete the construction of the object body elements.

Intelligent extraction of house contour


Project case Presentation

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