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MapMatrix3D intelligent mapping system


System Overview 

MapMatrix3D V3.0 map matrix 3D intelligent mapping system is a new networked intelligent 3D mapping software designed for the realization of efficient and accurate large scale oblique 3D mapping. It has the ability of project-level network collaborative work, diversified mapping modes adapted to various project environments, rich intelligent ground feature acquisition and compilation operations and integrated collection and warehousing operation support, and can complete the 1:500 standard cadastral map drawing intelligently and efficiently. 

In addition, the system also has comprehensive model measurement and editing function and rapid output capability of TDOM and DSM based on 3D model, which can realize efficient production of 4D products based on 3D model and further expand the application field of incline photogrammetry results.


System Advantages 
Big Data
 It has the capacity to carry massive three-dimensional data, and supports all-round browsing of terabyte super-large three-dimensional scenes and smooth editing and mapping operations.



Create a digital 3D based network operation mode to support the online collaborative work of project teams.




It has developed and enriched intelligent ground feature acquisition and editing techniques, one-click automatic TDOM and DSM output methods, and comprehensively improved the intelligent level of 4D product production based on tilt 3D. 


High precision 

Under the condition that the accuracy of the 3D model is up to s tandard, the mapping accuracy fully meets the requirement of 1:500 cadastral map mapping accuracy.


Main Functions 

Network collaborative work 

The server side centrally stores and manages project data, distributes tasks, monitors operation progress and conducts remote quality inspection. The operator side roamed model data online and collected and compiled vectors. At the same time, it referred to the adjacent results diagram to connect edges faster, effectively solving problems such as limited working area, difficulties in connecting edges and dispersed data storage in the production mode of single-machine system. 


Compatible with 3D model and radar point cloud data

 Compatible with OSGB tilt 3D model and LAS radar point cloud data, with excellent data compatibility.


Diversified 3D mapping mode support 

(1) Naked eye 3D mapping

● Naked eye mapping based on radar point cloud data 
● Open eye mapping based on OSGB slanting 3D model data: including directly based on imported OSGB 3D model mapping, DOM and DSM superposition to generate OSGB 3D model mapping, slanting photography air and three results combined with the original image front intersection linkage 3D model mapping. 

Forward rendezvous linkage 3D model mapping


(2) True stereo mapping 
Under the support of stereo graphics card, the system uses dual virtual cameras with the best Angle of the field of view to automatically construct digital 3D. Operators wear stereo glasses and map contour lines and non-exposed ground objects by adjusting the depth (elevation) of the measuring object, effectively solving the problem of vector acquisition of the blocked ground objects and realizing the full-factor mapping that only depends on the model. 

True stereo mapping


(3) Orthogonal mapping
Based on the orthographic 3D model or point cloud data, operators can directly collect the edge lines of ground objects such as houses in the orthographic view. The XY plane position is accurate and no dislocation will occur.

Orthogonal mapping


(4) Intelligent mapping
One-key intelligent recognition and extraction of house contours and error detection, and automatic prediction of the maximum probability attribute classification of ground objects to achieve intelligent attribute input, so that the collection of ground objects becomes more intelligent and efficient.

Smart house contour extraction


(5) Elevation measurement
After the model elevation is selected, the elevation is collected through multi-point fitting, and the collected three-dimensional surface is converted into a plane, and the length note is added. The system provides a series of auxiliary functions such as corner auxiliary line and facade texture extraction.

Measurement of elevation


Intelligent ground object vector acquisition and editing operation

● Multi-view linkage display: in the process of vector acquisition, forward view, tilt view and vector view linkage display.
● Multi-point fitting: automatically fit the accurate wall and building baselines one by one according to the selected points.
● Multi-point repair test: through two points or multi-point defined line to repair the original line segment, the system automatic topology surface, no need to deal with overlapping edge.
● According to the edge repair test: according to the edge repair test ground object vector, to achieve the balcony, eaves, courtyard and other fast drawing.
● Front culling: Remove the front of the object, directly collect the information of the back of the house from the inside of the model, and obtain the blocked model vector.
● Auxiliary line generation: automatic generation of corner auxiliary line and plumb auxiliary line.
● Model hiding: Through model hiding, independent ground objects are extracted from the tilted three-dimensional scene and vector acquisition is carried out. Hidden surface screening is supported. When the model is hidden, it only collides with the visible area.
● Intelligent model contour recognition, extraction and attribute entry: one-key intelligent recognition, extraction and error detection of house contours, and automatic prediction of the maximum probability attribute classification of ground objects to achieve intelligent attribute entry.
● Reverse orthogonal: For poles, street lamps and other spot-like features that are difficult to be accurately collected from the front, you can switch to the reverse side of the model with one key to accurately collect them from the bottom.
● Boundary adsorption: When the click area is far away from the model, it can still automatically adsorb to the model.

Model front culling and back collection


Symbol independent editor

It has a series of independent symbol editing operations, such as symbol moving, symbol deleting, symbol copying, symbol cutting and customized ground object information display, etc. After editing, symbols can be normally displayed in CASS and other software.


Integrated acquisition and compilation into the database

Professional real estate databanking scheme is configured, vector acquisition and databanking process is comprehensively optimized and integrated, and the boundary between collection, editing and databanking is completely opened, so that data from databanking to drawing only needs one edit, and true integration of vector acquisition and databanking is realized.

Integrated 3D vector acquisition and editing



Fine model editing and accurate measurement

With a series of rich and comprehensive model editing operations such as three-dimensional scene leveling, mirroring, scene and suspended object cutting, cavity repair, model coordinate system conversion, and accurate visualization measurement functions of model coordinates, distance, area, Angle and earthwork, the results of three-dimensional model have good application characteristics.

Cut the suspended material                                                                            Visualization measurement of earthwork quantity


Model absolute orientation and coordinate transformation

Absolute orientation of model

The coordinate system where the model is located can be transformed quickly with one key



Automatic output of TDOM and DSM results

Based on three-dimensional scenes, one-click automatic output of TDOM real projectors and DSM digital surface model results, and customized output resolution without image processing in the whole process.

TDOM and DSM results based on 3D model output

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