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Visiontek 3D Real Scene Geographic Information Publishing System 3DMatrixLite




System Overview
 3DMatrixLite is a pure Web-based, plug-in-free 3D spatial geographic information publishing application software product developed by Visiontek for large-scale inclined 3D field scene publishing applications.

The system can publish web pages of massive tilt scene data, supports cross-platform operation on desktop and mobile terminals, and can be accessed through a browser. It also has extremely convenient secondary development capabilities and a wealth of model measurement, analysis, and monomer The application scope is extremely wide.


System advantages
Breakthrough massive data support
Maintaining the family advantage of 3DMatrix carrying a large amount of data, it smoothly supports efficient data conversion, fast network publishing and online browsing of massive tilted 3D scenes.


Pure web, no plug-ins
It is easy to install and use, and users can access the published 3D scene through a browser.


Cross-platform operation
It adopts a flexible B/S architecture and supports cross-platform operation on desktop and mobile terminals to facilitate the management, application and display of data anytime and anywhere.


Convenient secondary development support
The system supports convenient secondary development based on html, and provides standard plug-ins such as point-line measurement and rich functional APIs to meet the diverse and customized application needs of users.


Seamless integration with Web business system
The system can be seamlessly integrated with various Web-based business systems and has a wide range of applications, including OA, component management, and video surveillance.


The main function
Large-scale 3D scene network publishing and online browsing

20TB tilted 3D scene network publishing and online browsing


Overlay 2D basemap and add POI annotation
It supports superimposing two-dimensional electronic maps and adding diversified POI annotations, so that the three-dimensional model has place name information, interconnected with the electronic base map, and realizes two-dimensional and three-dimensional integration.

Overlay two-dimensional electronic map                                                                                           Add POI annotation


3D scene measurement analysis
The system has complete model measurement functions such as point coordinate measurement, distance measurement, and area measurement, as well as rich application analysis functions such as flood analysis, radar analysis, and profile analysis, which facilitate direct data acquisition and analysis simulation based on the model. Effectively support the application needs of various industries.

Model distance measurement                                                                                         Model active flood analysis


Multiple video access
Support real-time video access, realize seamless integration of 3D scenes and multiple video data, and create dynamic 3D scenes.


Model unitization and attribute management
The system supports the unitization of the model and the connection of attribute information, and a series of operations such as collection, editing, management and query of the model attribute information can be carried out to realize the attribute to the house, one standard and three realities.

Load artificial model
Place artificial 3D models in the existing 3D scenes to meet the needs of users' personalized model customization.


Dynamic features
Correlate the externally sensed feature information and real-time feature location with the three-dimensional scene to achieve dynamic features.


Heat map generation
Supports output of various thematic heat maps such as population, roads, and WiFi distribution based on existing data superimposed on the three-dimensional scene, providing an intuitive reference basis for related data analysis.

 Population heat map                                                                 Road heat map                                                             WiFi heat map


Three-dimensional scene tour
Draw or import thematic roaming paths based on the three-dimensional scenes displayed in the system, and set and adjust the roaming speed, height, angle and other parameters to complete the roaming along the path for security, urban road construction, and specific traffic projects.

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