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"Sky Map" uses Visiontek 3DMatrix three-dimensional city publishing platform

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"Sky Map" uses Visiontek 3DMatrix three-dimensional city publishing platform


"Sky Map" is a large-scale Internet geographic information service website led by the National Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information to provide the public and enterprises with authoritative, credible and unified geographic information services. It is an important part of "Digital China" and the public version of the National Geographic Information Public Service Platform.

   "Sky Map" integrates massive basic geographic information resources, with a total data volume of about 30TB, and the total number of tiles of the processed electronic map is nearly 3 billion. Mainly include: global 1:1 million vector terrain data and 250-meter resolution satellite remote sensing image, nationwide 1:250,000 public version map data, navigation electronic map data, 15-meter resolution satellite remote sensing image, 2.5-meter resolution Rate satellite remote sensing images, 0.6-meter resolution remote sensing images of built-up areas in 319 prefecture-level cities and 10 county-level cities across the country, and three-dimensional street view data of some cities.

The "Sky Map" portal website uses the Visiontek 3DMatrix three-dimensional city publishing platform, which realizes the rapid publishing and three-dimensional rendering of massive geographic information. It can easily realize the two-dimensional and three-dimensional browsing of geographic information data at all levels and types, and search for place names. Common operations such as positioning, distance and area measurement, and marking of points of interest provide the public with good geographic information services.




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