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Visiontek aerial survey software is used in land improvement projects

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Visiontek aerial survey software is used in land improvement projects



Land remediation refers to the remediation of land damaged by inefficient use, irrational use, unutilization, production and construction activities and natural disasters, and activities to improve land use efficiency. The preparation of land remediation plans is an important means to implement the five-year plan for national economic and social development and the overall land use plan, and is an important basis for guiding local scientific land remediation work.

In response to the bidding requirements of the Hubei Provincial Land Remediation Bureau, through the realization of two-dimensional to three-dimensional visualization planning and design of land remediation projects in three different terrains in our province, the conversion results and the adoption of technical means were analyzed and evaluated to form a land remediation three-dimensional model production specification. Research and formulate 3D planning and design rules and technical standards, and make basic data and technical preparations for the next development of 3D planning and design systems.

  According to the design requirements of the Hubei Provincial Political Bureau of Land and Resources, our company undertook the project of "Application Service of UAV Aerial Survey and 3S Technology in Land Remediation of Hubei Land Remediation Bureau". In this project, our company used UV20 UAV for aerial image acquisition, EasyCalibrate camera calibration software to calibrate the camera lens distortion, DATMatrix air triple encryption software for air triple encryption of aerial images, and MapMatrix4. 1 The digital photogrammetry platform produces digital line drawing and EPT2.1 easy puzzle software produces digital orthophoto DOM, and finally uses aerial survey results to complete the production of three-dimensional scenes.

  The series of software of Visiontek has played an important role in the land consolidation technology verification project. It has completed the preliminary technical research of the land consolidation project with high precision and high efficiency. The series of software of Visiontek will ensure the smooth development of the land consolidation project.



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