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Investigation on confirmation and registration of rural homestead in a city of Hubei Province

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Investigation on confirmation and registration of rural homestead in a city of Hubei Province





To deepen reform of the system for the use of rural collective land and protect farmers' contracted land-use rights, land-use rights for housing sites, and collective income distribution in accordance with the law is necessary to protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural collective land owners and users and promote rural economic and social development. In order to implement the requirements of the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee of 2013 on "speeding up cadastral investigation of rural collective land ownership and construction land use right, including rural residential land, and completing the work of right confirmation, registration and certification as soon as possible", Hubei Province, with the approval of Hubei Provincial People's Government, has carried out the work of confirming, registering and issuing rural collective land rights throughout the province. This work is of great practical significance to perfect the property right system of rural collective land in the new period and standardize the management system of rural collective land.

The registration and certification of the right to use rural residential land and collective construction land in a city in Hubei Province follow the principle of "legal ownership, clear boundary and accurate area". In accordance with the relevant technical regulations, methods and standards, such as "Classification of Land Use Status", "Rules for Cadastral Investigation", "Land Registration Measures", "Standards for Urban Data Database Construction", "Rules for the Implementation of the Work of Confirming, Registering and Issuing the Right to Use Rural Homestead and Construction Land in Hubei Province", etc., the present results of land investigation and registration are fully utilized. As well as aerospace and aviation remote sensing, geographic information system, satellite positioning, database and other technologies, it adopts the mode of general cadastral survey and general land registration, and through the methods of field investigation, review and examination, and the combination of internal industry construction database, it has completed the cadastral survey of the right to the use of residential land and the right to the use of collective construction land, unified lot coding, dispute mediation office, registration and issuance, etc. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers' collective land and promote social and economic development.

In this project, our company adopted UV20 UAV to acquire aerial images, EasyCalibrate camera calibration software to calibrate camera lens distortion, and HAT air-three encryption software to encrypt aerial images air-three. MapMatrix digital photogrammetric platform is used to produce digital line drawing and EPT software is used to produce digital orthophoto DOM.

VISIONTEK INC. played an important role in this rural homestead confirmation project. It completed the preliminary technical work of the local rural homestead confirmation project with high precision and efficiency, and ensured the smooth development of the rural homestead confirmation project.

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