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 Visiontek MapMatrix multi-source geographic data comprehensive processing system MapMatrixGrid


Platform overview

MapMatrixGrid V2.0 is a powerful digital photogrammetry platform created by Visiontek for team project-level collaborative production. The platform uses a networked collaborative working mode to achieve project-level collaborative work for teams of about 50 people and introduces cloud stereo mapping technology. Eliminating the hardware dependence of traditional surveying and mapping on the stereo graphics card, and with a complete data management hub and project manager module, it can efficiently realize the efficient production of 4D products based on traditional aerial survey data such as drones, aviation, satellite remote sensing, etc., and comprehensively improve 20- 30% team's comprehensive production capacity.


Platform advantage

Team project-level networked collaborative work

The server centrally stores backup data, defines the production process, distributes tasks, and remotely inspects quality. The operating terminal roams the three-dimensional images online, performs DEM editing, DOM production, and DLG collection. At the same time, it refers to the neighboring results to connect the edges faster, effectively improving 20-30 % Team comprehensive production capacity.


The real integration of acquisition, compilation and storage

The platform has configured a professional real estate warehousing plan for users, opening up the boundaries between collection, editing, and warehousing. The same data format is used in all stages to achieve what you get is what you get, and the vector data inspection and editing functions are fully enhanced. , So that the data only needs to be edited once from storage to map output, realizing the integration of 2D and 3D vector acquisition and compilation in the real sense.

Vector collection                                                                   Vector editing                                                                      Vector storage


Powerful stereoscopic and 3D mapping performance

Powerful data capacity and display speed, simple and smooth vector acquisition operation, traditional stereo and oblique 3D dual mapping mode are supported, which are endowed the platform with excellent mapping performance.

Traditional stereo mapping                                                                                           Tilt 3D Mapping


Advanced cloud stereo mapping technology

Super-fusion GPU cloud technology is used to construct cloud solid, and the use of cloud driven display of three-dimensional graphics can be realized, the superior display effect could be obtained without any graphics card, which can make the stereoscopic mapping work completely get rid of graphics card dependence, and the cost of 3D mapping hardwares reduced effectively.


Rich DEM editing functions

The platform has rich DEM editing functions and a comprehensive DEM tool set, which can realize the 2D and 3D view browsing, plane editing, three-dimensional editing, cropping, output, format conversion of DEM files with large data volume, and a series of intelligent auxiliary DEM editing operations such as automatic extraction of road, pond range line and house filtration and so on. Such can fully simplify the DEM editing process, and generate the large-scale high-precision DSM results through per-pixel intensive matching.

DSM generated by per-pixel intensive matching


Perfect project management operation 


  • Task and data management: strictly manage task data, define the production process in detail, and assign tasks to operators according to map sheets.
  • Job monitoring: the administrator can view the task progress and task completion status of the whole measurement area in real time.
  • Evaluation of task load: Newly added statistical tools for working days/work area, combined with the number of features, task difficulty coefficient and other factors to effectively calculate the workload of operators.
  • Data backup: back up project data regularly, automatically check the validity of the backup data, and support one-key recovery and restore backup.
  • Authority management: The administrator specifies the operator's read, modify, and delete authority for project data in detail, effectively guaranteeing data security.


Comprehensive multi-data source support for geographic information

With good compatibility, the platform can not only realize the full process processing of multi-source geographic information data, such as frame image, spaceborne push and sweep image and airborne three-line array image, but also support a variety of image and data import formats, and realize seamless docking with common digital photogrammetry systems in the market.


The main function

DEMMatrix digital elevation model module


  • Networked DEM editing: The operator roams the three-dimensional image online and edits the DEM, intelligently refers to the neighboring DEM to complete the edge faster, fully improves the efficiency of DEM editing, and realizes the real-time online processing of DEM tasks.
  • Automatic batch processing for image matching, automatic matching of feature points/lines, output of DSM and DEM products in the whole area, automatic construction of triangulation and contour lines.
  • Browse the 2D and 3D views of DEM files in NSDTF format over 1G.
  • Multiple editing modes such as epipolar image pair, original image pair, real-time epipolar image, and DEM editing without stereo.
  • A series of convenient and practical plane editing functions such as fixed elevation, average elevation, matching point interpolation, local smoothing, global smoothing, house filtering, stamps, etc. .
  • Automatic extraction of road and pond range lines, house filtering, single point repair, line repair.
  • Add dots, lines, overlay FDB/DXF and other vector files to participate in DEM editing DEM and DOM editing linkage.
  • Large data volume (GB level) DEM stitching, cutting, format conversion.
  • Pixel-by-pixel dense matching generates DSM.
  • DEM results accuracy inspection and analysis.


Networked DEM editor


DOMMatrix digital orthophoto module


  • Networked DOM production: Through networked collaborative work, the collaborative selection of splicing lines in large areas of DOM and automatic cross-region edge connection are realized, which fully optimizes the effect of DOM drawing and improves drawing efficiency.
  • Automatic batch generation of orthophotos.
  • The average plane orthorectification of the control points in the flat area generates an orthophoto.
  • Orthophoto mosaic and cropping.
  • Visualization of orthophotos with uniform light and color.
  • Mosaic editing and repair of orthophoto images.
  • Orthophoto frame division.


Networked DOM production


FeatureOne feature acquisition and processing module


  • Networked DLG collection: online roaming three-dimensional images on the job terminal, collecting and editing vector diagrams, intelligently refer to neighboring vector diagrams to complete the edge of the map faster, and upload the DLG collection results to the server in real time.
  • Cloud stereo mapping: through the stereo display cloud driver, the stereo mapping can get rid of the dependence on the stereo graphics card, and the operator can use the ordinary display to perform the stereo mapping operation.
  • The three-dimensional collection operation in the network collaborative environment is exactly the same as that of a single machine.
  • Oblique 3D mapping based on OSGB 3D model.
  • Visual browsing, modification and customization of various versions of symbols such as real estate, international old version, international new version, military standard, English version, and direct import of platform symbols such as AutoCAD.
  • Rich and perfect three-dimensional editing functions such as curve interpolation, curve modification, curve smoothing, batch connection, interruption, parallel line breaking connection, automatic double line conversion to single line, automatic surface conversion to points, etc..
  • Comprehensive inspection, topology operation.
  • Professional real estate warehousing plan (perfect real estate symbol library, targeted real estate plan configuration and comprehensive error checking) .
  • Integrated acquisition and storage.
  • Batch framing, outline finishing and printing out.


Networked DLG collection and online connection


ProjectMatrix project manager module


  • Creation and maintenance of database.
  • Strict project data management and regular backup.
  • All-round user management, operator authority level setting.
  • Project work flow setting.
  • Operator task division.
  • Task monitoring.
  • Task volume statistics (work days statistics, work area statistics).



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