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Drones rarely control aerial triangulation platforms HAT


Platform overview

The HAT drone sparse control aerial triangulation platform is a new generation of aerial triangulation software independently developed by Aerospace Vision. It adopts the operation method of constructing the route and the method of GPS joint adjustment. It only needs a few control points to complete a large area. Air three encryption tasks in the area.



Highly automated operation process

Create a project with one click

One-click to create a project, automatically start to transfer points, eliminating the need for cumbersome setting options such as project creation, navigation belt division, camera parameter settings, etc.


Automatic extraction of air three connection points

The advanced PMO transfer method is adopted, GPS assisted to realize the automatic extraction of the air-trip connection points, and the air-trip engineering file for the completion of the airborne information division is directly generated from the original image.


Automatically spin control points

After being combined with the digital image control system, the platform can directly import the field image control results into the indoor air three, and automatically transfer to the control point, eliminating the workload of manual stabbing.


Automatic gross error adjustment

There is no need to manually adjust the gross error, and the gross error can be eliminated automatically through the second matching and rapid iteration.


One-stop interactive editing

  •  It has a one-stop operation style, supports global image point distribution display, supports global view, canvas view, supports point linkage in stereo view, and synchronously responds to changes in the layout of images and points.
  • Supports global image stitching display, which can display the entire air three project in one view, and visually display the additional information of the air three such as overlap, image square residual, object square residual and so on.


Powerful matching performance

The advanced balanced dense matching strategy is adopted to achieve dense matching while ensuring the uniform distribution of points on the entire measurement area and each image. A total of 2000 images can be matched to 1 million connection points.


Rare control high precision

The operation method of flying structured route is adopted, and the points are only arranged at the four corners and corners of the structured route. At least 4 control points are required to ensure the accuracy of the survey area.


PPP precision single point positioning

PPP precise single point positioning technology is adopted, no ground base station is needed, and the precision ephemeris is solved by dual-frequency GPS assistance. The accuracy of the results can reach centimeter level, fully meeting the 1:1000 DLG production demand.

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