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Visiontek Digital New Aerial Triangulation System DATMatrix



System Overview

DATMatrix is a new aerial triangulation system independently developed by Aerospace Vision. It is designed for the processing of common aerial photography data such as small digital images, large digital camera images, and film images of drones. It can use a small number of ground control points to obtain project measurements. The outer orientation elements of all images in the area and the ground coordinates of all encrypted points. Compared with conventional aerial triangulation software, DATMatrix's automation, processing speed and accuracy have been significantly improved.




Compatible with various aviation data

It supports common aerial photography data such as small digital images of drones, large digital camera images, and film images.


Fully automated operation process

Project creation, air-strip division, internal orientation, relative orientation, turning point, adjustment and other operations are fully automated.


Dense matching

Supports bulk loading of images to be processed and intensive matching, 2000 images can be matched to 1 million connection points.


Intelligent point transfer

Only pick up points at the corner points of ground objects in the image, and strictly control the number of points in each image to ensure the minimum empty three points but the optimal point position. At the same time, it supports the continuation of breakpoints and the merging of existing extraction results. Operators can view the results of turn points in real time, increase the density of matching points or import POS parameters to assist turn points.


One-stop interactive editing

  • One-stop operation

It supports global image distribution display and point position linkage in global view, canvas view and stereo view. Once set, save, no need to adjust twice. After setting, the image and point position layout changes respond synchronously.

  • Intuitively displays additional information on empty three

Intuitively display of image space three additional information, such as overlap, image side residual error, object side residual error, etc.


  • Global image Mosaic display

Full display of the whole empty three project in the same view, providing stitching mode and point superposition effect for global image display.

  • High precision empty three solution

The enhanced least square matching algorithm is adopted to improve the precision of point-position matching by 30% compared with the traditional method. With various adjustment functions of PATB, high-precision regional network adjustment is realized.


  • Significant performance improvement

Using multi-core computing technology, greatly improve the computing performance of the system, smooth browsing and editing empty three images.


Project case


Case 1: The transformation point of large forest cover image


Case 2: image turning point in cloud and low illumination area


Case 3: Transformation point of dune landform image (barren texture)

Case 4: motion blur image turning points


Case 5: Rotation points of low overlap flight image


Case 6: Big tilt image turning points (tilt camera image)


Case 7: Irregular flight-strip image turning points

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