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Visiontek multi-source geographic data integrated management system DataMatrix



System Overview

DataMatrix is a task and data management system for multi-source geographic information data management, query, and application independently developed by Aerospace Vision. It is also a pure software-level data storage and filing solution.


The system includes a series of functions such as geographic information data classification management, multi-format data viewing, personalized search, upload and download, data classification authorization and encryption, etc., which can meet the comprehensive management and storage requirements of geographic information data.


The main function

Data management

  • Ball mode data management: All data can be put on a unified ball and marked out, intuitively search and manage
  • Fast online: local data, fast online, convenient for remote clients to view immediately
  • Distributed storage and centralized management: The system uses distributed storage to make full use of the resources of each PC. Each PC can be both a client and a server.


Data browsing

  • Big data browsing: smooth online viewing of single TIFF images over 32GB in the measurement area.
  • Multi-format viewing: directly viewing geographic information data in multiple formats such as image, DEM, vector, text, etc., and real-time display of coordinates when viewing vector data.


Data personalized search

  • Search by sensor type: ADS40/80, UCD, DMC, A3, etc.
  • Search according to the type of survey area: mountainous area, hills, plains, islands, elevation difference, altitude, etc.
  • Search by result type: DEM spacing, DLG, DOM, scale, etc.

 Search by sensor type                                                                                Search by measuring area type

 Search by result type                                                                                              Advanced Search


Data interaction

The system provides convenient data checking and labeling functions. Users can check the image results of the entire survey area at any time, directly encircle the area of interest on the image, DEM, and vector, and add text annotations.



Data bulk upload and download

Supports packaging of massive amounts of data according to directories, and directly uploads and downloads in batches.


Data Security

The system supports hierarchical authorization of geographic information data and defines different permissions for different users to fully guarantee data security.


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