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Visiontek ArcInfo online mapping system ArcMatrix




System Overview

ArcMatrix is a set of ArcInfo online mapping system independently developed by Aerospace Vision. This system breaks the traditional process of data acquisition, compilation, and storage of vertical measurement data, and establishes a through train between storage data and stereo image data. It is suitable for the quick repair and measurement of inbound data as well as the direct storage of standing measurement data.



Breakthrough of production process: integration of collection and storage

  • Traditional work flow

Collection, editing and storage are independent of each other, and there are inevitable data conversion and data loss in the data flow between each stage.


● ArcMatrix job flow

ArcMatrix adopts a breakthrough production process to further centralize data management, completely eliminate data conversion, and achieve the goal of integration of collection and storage.


Comprehensive data entry support

It is compatible with all vector data formats of ArcGIS, and has flexible data format extension function, supporting DXF, DWG and other data formats.


Powerful and easy to use stereo acquisition

The three-dimensional acquisition environment and acquisition function are completely equivalent to the digital photogrammetric system MapMatrix.


Software operation Process

ArcMatrix runs on the desktop version of ArcGIS, and the data is opened and saved by ArcGIS. On the one hand, the three-dimensional collection function provided by ArcGIS reads the three-dimensional image data, and on the other hand superimposed the vector data of ArcGIS. The addition, deletion and modification of vectors in the three-dimensional window are finally saved in the vector data opened by ArcGIS.

ArcMatrix is developed based on ArcGIS desktop version, which can be run only after ArcGIS desktop version is started. The specific operation process is as follows:


 Application Cases

Vector offset and synchronous warehousing                                                                     Satellite image repair survey

ADS80 image repair test                                                    Uav image repair test

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