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Visiontek Digital Camera Calibration System EasyCalibrate



System Overview

EasyCalibrate is a fully automatic camera parameter calculation software that uses LCD plane control field to calibrate the camera. It is specially used to calibrate the internal orientation elements of medium and small format cameras. It is very suitable for the use of small digital images of drones for aerial surveys production customers use.



easy to use

The calibration equipment needed for camera calibration using EasyCalibrate is very simple, only a large-size LCD monitor or LCD TV, and a tripod.


The system itself has a camera calibration template with positioning marks. After starting the program, the program automatically draws the LCD plane control field according to the current screen resolution, and then uses the camera to be checked to shoot 150 images and images on the display from 5 different angles Import the system to perform camera parameter calibration calculation.

 Camera calibration template                                                                   Take an image


Fast calculation

 Import the captured images into the software and perform calibration with one click. The calibration task can be completed in 30 minutes. The system automatically extracts the corner coordinates and outputs a general calibration report. The camera parameters, camera files and error values are recorded in the report file.

General-purpose camera calibration report output by the system


Reliable accuracy

 After high-precision positioning of the mark points on the calibration image, the system uses strict beam adjustment to calculate the camera's internal orientation elements and distortion parameters.


After testing, the calibration accuracy of EasyCalibrate is consistent with the results of the indoor calibration field.

 EasyCalibrate distortion distribution map                                Distribution map of product distortion in a university

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