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Visiontek MapMatrix edu multi-source geographic data comprehensive processing teaching system MapMatrix edu




System Overview
MapMatrix edu is a software product developed by Visiontek for the production and teaching of the industry’s mainstream digital photogrammetry software MapMatrix multi-source geographic data integrated processing system. It is composed of teaching point analysis, interactive tutorials, and software assessments. It can effectively Help teachers to start teaching work, and at the same time help novices get started very quickly.


The main function
Teaching point analysis
Built-in 10,000-page screenshots, 300,000-word lesson plans, and a series of standardized and streamlined teaching content, starting from both theory and practice, make lesson preparation easier and richer in content. At the same time, it is equipped with in-class exercises to further consolidate the course content.

Interactive tutorial
Interactive operation guides students' homework, masters theory and production while "playing", restores the real operating experience of the software, makes learning easier and more effective, fully shortens the software learning time, and improves the level of mapping technology.

Mapping software with 3 months of actual production capacity and a full set of standard project example data can restore the production operation experience in the real environment for users.

Software assessment
The built-in rich question bank is convenient for freely forming test questions of different difficulty, at the same time, one-click correction of test papers, rapid statistical analysis, and easy grasp of the student's test situation.  

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