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 Visiontek EDU Teaching System VisEDU



System Overview
VisEDU is an auxiliary teaching system developed by Visiontek for software learning in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing. The system not only integrates a wealth of photogrammetry and remote sensing related software, but also equips each software with analysis and interaction by teaching points. The interactive teaching system composed of tutorials, case videos and software assessments can realize interactive teaching training, effectively helping teachers to carry out teaching work, and is very helpful for novices to get started quickly.


The main function
Teaching point analysis


  •  Combining theory and practice, providing comprehensive knowledge points explanation and rich practical operation illustrations.
  • Tens of thousands of pages of screenshots, hundreds of thousands of words teaching plans, detailed explanations of key knowledge points in production.
  • Custom edit and modify the existing teaching resources of the system, and call and display the external PPT content, improve the flexibility of the system, and realize personalized and open teaching.

Interactive tutorial


  • Interactive operation guides students' homework, mastering theory and production while "playing".
  • Synchronize learning and practice, switch to the software for synchronized practice while learning.
  • Massive after-school exercises to strengthen knowledge points and further consolidate course content.


Case Video
Provide a wealth of case video displays to build an open and research learning environment.

All kinds of operating software with actual production capacity, a large number of standard sample data, restore the production operation in the real environment.


Software assessment

  •  Provide a rich question bank to facilitate the formation of different difficulty test questions.
  • One-click correction of test papers by the system, no pressure on marking.
  • Fast statistical analysis, easy to grasp the student examination situation.


Software composition
Photogrammetry platform
MapMatrixGrid多源地理数据集群处理系统MapMatrixGrid multi-source geographic data cluster processing system
MapMatrixGrid is the latest generation of digital photogrammetric stereo mapping system developed by Visiontek with great concentration. It has a strong clustered 4D product production capacity, and has the advantages of automation of the operation process, integration of acquisition, compilation and storage, and data processing (TB level).


ArcMatrix联机测图系统ArcMatrix online mapping system
ArcMatrix is a set of ArcInfo online mapping system running on the ArcGIS desktop version. It breaks the traditional operation process of collecting, compiling and warehousing the data from the stand-by survey, and establishes a through train between the warehousing data and the stand-by survey data. It is very suitable for the quick repair and test of inbound data and the direct inbound of the measured data.


Aerial triangulation and quick puzzle
HAT无人机稀少控制空三平台HAT drones rarely control aerial triangulation platforms
HAT is a new generation of high-precision aerial triangulation system independently researched and developed by Visiontek. The system adopts the operation mode of structuring the route. Through GPS joint adjustment method, only a few control points are needed to complete the aerial triangulation task in a large area.


OKMatrix一键快拼系统OKMatrix one-key quick puzzle system
OKMatrix is a system software for quickly generating orthophoto images and digital surface models for UAV digital images and traditional aerial photography images. The software is not only simple to operate, simple in interface, but also powerful in data compatibility, which only needs to be provided by the user The original aerial photos can be formed with one click, and the fast stitching technology based on GPU computing is used throughout the entire process to fully improve the efficiency of drawing.



Orthophoto production
EPT易拼图软件EPT Easy Puzzle Software
EPT Easy Jigsaw is a professional software that focuses on homogenization, mosaic and cropping of images. The software consists of homogenization, orthoimage generation, splicing, framing, and orthoimage editing and image checking. And other functional components, including the entire process of orthophoto production.


Tilt photogrammetry
Virtuoso3D全自动倾斜摄影测量三维建模集群系统Virtuoso3D automatic tilt photogrammetry three-dimensional modeling cluster system
Virtuoso3D is a high-performance tilt image 3D modeling cluster processing system. The system is based on the principle of photogrammetry, with intelligent task partitioning and high-performance computing cluster hardware support, which can automatically complete tilt images with high precision in the entire process in depth and parallel. Air triangle processing and fine 3D model construction work, effectively realizing the efficient production of large-scale inclined 3D models.


MapMatrix3D图阵三维智能测图系统MapMatrix3D map array three-dimensional intelligent mapping system
MapMatrix3D is a model editing and intelligent mapping software based on oblique photography 3D models. It has rich model fine editing functions, support for diversified mapping methods, intelligent and convenient feature collection operations, and DOM and DSM products based on 3D models The output function can realize the efficient production of 4D products based on the 3D model, and further expand the application field of tilt photogrammetry results.

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