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Visiontek one-key quick puzzle system OKMatrix



System Overview
OKMatrix is a system software independently developed by Visiontek to quickly generate orthophoto images and digital surface models for UAV digital images and traditional aerial photography images. Its main functions include: one-click quick generation of DOM and DSM results, output of aerial photography quality reports, DSM editing, DSM measurement, three-dimensional browsing, importing results to Google Earth for browsing, etc.

The operation of OKMatrix is very simple. You only need to provide the original aerial photos to automatically complete the generation of the final digital surface model and orthophoto map with one click. The entire software uses GPU-based processing technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of fast stitching.


Technical advantages
Simple operation and simple interface

  • Just specify the image file, it can be automatically stitched
  • There are no necessary requirements for POS data and camera files


Fast stitching based on GPU computing

  •  Integrated software and hardware
  • Give full play to computing performance


Strong data compatibility

  • Supports fast splicing of images of various terrains (flat land, hills, mountains, islands and reefs, etc.)
  • Supports fast stitching of images with different colors taken in bad weather
  • Support fast stitching of images with poor flight attitude
  • Supports rapid splicing of various extreme aerial flight images (cross-belt, single-belt, and low-overlap belt)
  • Supports rapid splicing of images with overlapping and crossing belts in multiple survey areas
  • Support the rapid generation of orthophotos of aerial photos such as traditional DMC


The main function
Quickly generate DSM and DOM results with one click
Without GPS information and camera parameters, just specify the path of the folder where the image is located, the system can automatically identify and calibrate the camera focal length, automatically turn points, adjust and eliminate gross errors, and generate DSM and DOM results in the project area.

Superimposed display of DSM and DOM results in the generated project area


DSM measurementedit

  •  Distance measurement
  • Area measurement
  • Stamp
  • Area interpolation
  • Elevation setting
  • Building filtering

DSM measurement                                                            DSM editing          


Three-dimensional display of photography area

  • Ortho image fit DSM display
  • Three-dimensional display of camera station
  • Three-dimensional model rotates and zooms in all directions


成果导出到Google EarthExport results to Google Earth
Support to export the generated DOM results to Google Earth for browsing, and display in conjunction with Google Earth.

Output quality report
Output the aerial flight quality report, the survey area result thumbnail, the GPS and the processed trajectory, and the aerial flight image overlap report.

Aviation Quality Report

Thumbnails of DOM and DSM results in the measurement area

GPS and processed track fit

Flight overlap report

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