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Visiontek Easy Puzzle Software EPT



Software overview
EPT is a professional software independently developed by Visiontek that focuses on homogenization, mosaic, and cutting of images. The software consists of homogenization, orthophoto generation, splicing, frame cutting, and The functional composition of orthophoto editing and image search, including the entire process of orthophoto production, has long been used in orthophoto production and refined editing.


Technical advantages
Highly automated
It supports the integrated operations of homogenization, correction, splicing, and cutting of images, and automatically generates mosaic lines, which is simple to operate and requires less manual intervention.


High-performance GPU computing
The operation mode of CPU one-core scheduling and GPU multi-core computing is adopted to realize the integration of software and hardware, give full play to software performance, and improve computing efficiency.


Strong data compatibility
Supports images from multiple data sources, including UAV images, UCX aerial images, multi-band images, satellite images, and is compatible with more than 100 common image data formats such as IMG, TIFF, BMP, JP2, IGE, JPEG, raw, etc.


Massive job data support
It adopts a new 64-bit architecture design, supports massive operation data, and has unlimited input and output single image capacity and number of images.


The main function
Networked collaborative work
Support networked collaborative operations. Through the online operations of the project team members' local area network, the DOM results of the entire measurement area can be edited collaboratively to fully improve the efficiency of the operation.


The effects of uniform light and color can be seen in real time
With rich dodging and color uniforming strategies for users to choose, the dodging effect is visible in real time.

●  Wavelet filtering method for uniform light

Used to remove image smoke, fog, image shadow and image vignetting.

Image wavelet filtering method before and after overall uniform light


●  Wallis uniform light

Supports importing dxf vector files to filter water areas, visualizing the homogenization of the removed water areas, and real-time display of the homogenization effect after adjusting the homogenization parameters.

Before and after image Wallis uniform light


●  Geocoding uniform light

Realize the natural transition of colors in overlapping areas of images.

Before and after image geocoding


Mass image data mosaic editing

●  Cut first and edit later

For small and medium-sized aerial films such as small digital images and aerospace images, the software adopts the work mode of cutting first and editing later, that is, first divide the map frames in batches, automatically search for mosaic lines, crop the images, and finally edit the mosaic lines to achieve what you see is what you get.


●  Edit first and then tailor

For satellites, ADS40/80 and other large single-image large aerial films, the software uses the editing and cropping operation mode to edit the mosaic line in real time, display the editing effect, and can perform image repair, PS processing and other operations, and finally Frame cropping.


●  Automatically search for mosaic lines

Based on the imported DXF vector diagram or DSM data, the software can automatically search and generate image mosaic lines. While the generated mosaic lines automatically bypass the building, they can also be segmented and feathered automatically.

Mosaic lines are automatically generated and bypass buildings


Image quick repair

●  Orthophoto repair

There is a problem in the single orthophoto image that participates in the splicing, which can be repaired by adjacent single images.

Before and after orthophoto repair


●  Original image repair

The original image can be used to repair problems such as DOM deformation or patterning caused by poor DEM accuracy.

Before and after original image repair


Integrated rich PS processing functions 

● Toning (color scale, curve, hue/saturation, etc.) 

●  Stamp, target patch, source patch 

●  Cut and rotate  

Toning                                                                                                                     stamp  


Perfect results quality inspection

●  Map inspection

●  Accuracy check


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