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Application of MapMatrix in the Zihuatanejo Project in Mexico

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Application of MapMatrix in the Zihuatanejo Project in Mexico



Project Overview:

Zihuatanejo is a port city in southwestern Mexico, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, and belongs to the hilly-mountain landform.

The Mexican SCT company used the 3DAS1 true color three-line scan camera produced by Geosystem to obtain the image of the Zihuatanejo survey area. There are three adjacent strips with a ground resolution of 0.2 meters.


Basic project requirements:

Use a small number of control points to eliminate the inherent errors and drift errors of GPS/IMU, generate a level 1 image of the area, and detect the mapping accuracy of other control points, and finally generate the DEM and DOM of the entire survey area.


Technical features:

3DAS1 is a three-line array camera. In order to generate a three-dimensional model that can be mapped, it must complete the aerial three of the line array image, and eliminate the GPS/IMU error by using three-view connection points and a small number of control points. In addition, the 0-level image has non-linear deformation, matching and mapping can not directly use the 0-level image, so the generation function of the first-level image must be provided. There are some mountainous areas with large elevation differences in this project, and the approximate epipolar line cannot fit the projection error in the y direction, so the matching method must be adjusted accordingly.

   MapMatrix new digital photogrammetry platform provides 3DAS1 data empty three module, level 1 image generation module and matching module. After completing the empty three processing, the checkpoint error of the entire survey area is less than 1 pixel, which fully meets the accuracy requirements and is highly praised by users.



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