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Application of MapMatrixEDU Teaching System in Education Industry

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Application of MapMatrixEDU Teaching System in Education Industry



As one of the committee members of National Surveying and Mapping Education Professional Committee, relying on the professional accumulation and industry resources in the field of aerial photogrammetry for more than ten years, Visiontek has launched the overall solution for the professional education of aerial photogrammetry. From the self-developed MapMatrixedu multi-source geographical data comprehensive processing teaching system to the provision of enrollment guidance, laboratory construction, teacher training, teaching management, employment guidance and other aspects of the professional construction and professional upgrading services for the majority of education users, successfully developed the "professional" guidance major, A new model of school-enterprise cooperation that helps education users to build and develop professional education in an all-round way.

Visiontek has already established the good relations of cooperation with the Wuhan university, China university of geosciences, Wuhan technology university, Hubei university, Central south university, Hohai university, the college of Wuhan city, the Jiangnan vocational education and other institutions of higher learning,  and set up multiple aerial LABS and assisted some universities in the aerial professional geographic information, effectively promote the aerial survey in the development of education industry. It has trained a large number of professionals for the development of the national geographic information industry.

Leading the new teaching mode of "dual combination" of new majors and new skills, helping the innovative development of China's vocational education information, Visiontek will continue to pay attention to and support education, provide more professional and three-dimensional services for the general education users, and contribute to the improvement of the professional degree of China's aerial photogrammetry education field!



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