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Water environment Management

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Water environment Management



VISIONTEK 3D Water resources display platform aims to restore 3D water conservancy scenes through 3D modeling technology, integrate 2D geographic information system, video monitoring and other functions, and realize the information management system of water conservancy projects.

  •  location of project: the south-to-north water diversion project in shandong 
  • data size: the south-to-north water transfer film clip in shandong phase, the total length of 200 kilometers, extends around 1 km along the coast
  • data key: secondary pumping station, the key buildings along the coast
  • data requirements: focus on building fine modeling
  • system requirements: can show good data, best can contain some analysis function (flood analysis, analysis of earth), and other functions 
  • project cycle: in the middle of 2015


The main function

  • water conservancy engineering 3d simulation environment 
  • attribute query 
  • boundary markers and ground data import, generation model 
  • video monitoring 
  • cross section analysis 
  • water analysis



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