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Visiontek PhotoMatrix-Aerial aerial image cluster processing system PhotoMatrix-Aerial


System Overview
The PhotoMatrix-Aerial aerial image cluster processing system is a set of high-tech products designed by Aerospace Vision for users who need to efficiently process large-area and massive aerial images to quickly produce digital orthophoto map DOM, digital elevation model DEM, digital surface model DSM and other surveying and mapping products. Performance remote sensing image processing cluster software.


The main function
High performance empty three processing
The system also has diversified ways of turning points, such as AI3D turning point, automatic turning point, and PMO turning point, and the degree of automation is extremely high. Only the original image and a small amount of control point information are provided, and the camera can be fully automated and calibrated with one key. A full set of operations such as arranging the flight belts, turning points in the empty three-points, and removing rough points, obtains large-area and high-precision empty three results.


Pixel-by-pixel dense matching
Using advanced pixel-by-pixel dense matching technology, it can generate large-scale high-precision DSM, and outline complex terrain including urban buildings, hills, vegetation, etc., and the DSM at the intersection of multiple baselines, with an accuracy of up to 5 cm.


Comprehensive point cloud editing
Provides rich point cloud editing tools such as copy, merge, crop, rotate and translate, project, select points, and convert point cloud to DEM to facilitate the operation of point cloud.


Automatic terrain filtering
Using local filtering or global filtering to filter artificial buildings can successfully filter out most of the smaller houses, thereby greatly reducing manual editing, and automatically and efficiently generating DEM digital elevation models.


Large-scale DEM editing

  • It supports 2D view browsing and 3D view browsing of DEM files in NSDTF format over 1GB.
  • It supports DEM editing, cropping, format conversion and other functions with large data volume.
  • It supports two-dimensional editing and three-dimensional editing of DEM files, as well as cross-model editing.
  • Support importing control point files to check DEM accuracy.


Massive aerial image rapid orthorectification
Supports orthorectification of thousands of aerial images, and automatically calls reference images to homogenize the orthophotos of the entire region.


Large data volume orthophoto editing
The system has rich and comprehensive DOM editing functions, such as cutting first and editing later, editing first and then cutting, visual homogenization, mosaic line editing, orthophoto repair, original image repair, PS operation, map inspection, precision inspection, etc. Due to the limitation of the amount of image data, the mosaic line can be edited quickly, and the mosaic editing effect can be displayed in real time. At the same time, it supports the interactive use of mosaic line editing and map frame editing, and has convenient and fast orthophoto editing capabilities.


Efficient cluster operation support
The system has a fully automatic task allocation and management mechanism, and cooperates with the PhotoCluster high-performance computing cluster to perform high-speed data calculation, large-capacity storage, and distributed cluster parallel operations, making full use of software and hardware resources, improving the overall productivity level, and providing users with efficient entire processes Cluster job support.

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