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Satellite imagery case

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Satellite imagery case



1:5000 topographic map production of a certain area 


Project Description:

In a month of 2014, Visiontek Technology Co., Ltd. undertook a 1:5000 topographic map production project for a certain area in the southwest. The entire survey area is about 500 square kilometers, and it is a mountainous terrain. After the communication between the Aerospace Vision Project Department and Party A, and the entire survey Based on the analysis of the situation in the district, it was decided to use satellite imagery as a data source to produce a 1:5000 topographic map.


Project Description:

Provide 1:5000 scale topographic map results, the plane coordinate system adopts the 1954 Beijing coordinate system and the 1985 national elevation datum


Project scope:

Approximately 500 square kilometers in a jurisdiction


 Project requirements:

A 1:5000 full-element topographic map is required, and the accuracy is controlled within 2.5 meters in the plane position and within 2.5 meters in the elevation.


Project duration:



The specific production process flow chart of the project is as follows:








The specific implementation plan is as follows:

1. Data source introduction:

GeoEye-1 satellite image  




2. Orientation process:

Aerial triangle encryption is mainly done by using Visiontek MapMarix all-digital photogrammetry workstation, mainly using the Rpc parameter + control point mode for aerial triangle encryption. The specific steps are as follows:


2.1 Project creation and coordinate system setting



2.2 Rpc penetrates into the control point in the air three and calculates the image correction number



2.3 Control point accuracy report  



 Digital aerial photogrammetry aerial triangulation GB/T 232236-2009 edition





According to the requirements of national regulations, the orientation accuracy of this time is in line with the national 1:5000 accuracy requirements


3. DLG product production

Use Visiontek MapMatrix all-digital photogrammetry workstation for stereo digital mapping. Mainly follow the principle of "internal business positioning, field business qualitative".

Use satellite images to build a three-dimensional model, collect all-element data to generate graphic files. The operation method adopts "two inside and two outside", that is, image control in the field, surveying and mapping in the field, repairing and testing, and editing in the house.

The collection of terrain elements is carried out in accordance with GB/T 13923-2006 "Basic Geographic Information Element Classification and Code".

DLG partial renderings


4. Office Editor

Office editing uses Visiontek MapMatrix 4.1 all-digital photogrammetry workstation to directly export DWG results


5. Acceptance and submission of results

After all the projects are completed, the binding results shall be sorted according to relevant regulations and the following materials shall be submitted:

1. A set of data discs (graphic files in DWG format)

2. A technical design book

3. A technical summary

4. An inspection report

This project passed the one-time acceptance

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